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Preparing a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney & Personal Directive

Every single person has a significant role and impact within the family. There are many ways to leave a legacy – one can be a person of love, joy, and peace for your family. A Will is certainly not as important as bestowing these lasting gifts. However, a prudent estate plan is a gift to your family. If you take care of business while you are able, you can significantly decrease the stress for your family at a time when they are already burdened with loss and grief.

If you do not plan properly for cognitive impairment and death, you will increase the work, cost, time, and conflict for your family. If you try to draft your own Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, and Personal Directive without a lawyer, your documents may need to be interpreted or adjudicated by a court when you are no longer able to fill in the blanks. What you hope might happen may be far from what actually happens.

We offer estate planning packages which include a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, and Personal Directive.

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Being Prepared Is Not as Challenging as It Might Seem

Typically, we can finalize your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, and Personal Directive within two appointments. We can help you lift a burden from your family, and you will discover that it also lifts a burden from you.

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