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Resolving Issues After Death

The legal responsibilities of an executor or administrator can feel overwhelming. We help personal representatives (executors, administrators) understand and carry out their legal obligations when there is a lawyer-drafted will, a holographic will, a will from a DIY kit, or no will. We can advise personal representatives when they need to apply for a Grant of Probate or Grant of Administration from the court, and when a Grant is not required. Sound legal advice can spare the estate costs of litigation and can decrease the liability for a personal representative.

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We Can Assist in the Following Areas

  • Transferring jointly owned property to the surviving spouse
  • Applying for a Grant of Probate of a Will
  • Applying for a Grant of Administration (if no executor was named)
  • Applying for a Grant of Administration if there is no will
  • Resealing a Grant of Probate from another province
  • Family Maintenance and Support Claims
  • Proving a Will in Solemn Form
  • Obtaining valuations for property
  • Transferring or liquidating property in preparation for distribution
  • Assisting to account for beneficiaries of an Estate
  • Distributing an Estate
  • Resolving Estate disputes
  • Providing timely legal advice to our clients about an Estate

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