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Empowering Individuals to Resolve Their Own Conflicts

At Quantz Law, our lawyers are trained mediators. Parties to a dispute can retain us to help resolve a dispute outside of the courtroom. As mediators, we do not take sides with one party or the other. Rather, we remain neutral facilitators, skillfully uncovering issues and interests and helping parties put forward suggestions for resolution. As lawyers, we know that creativity can only go so far when putting together a final agreement. We are able to alert clients to legal problems so that clients are able to finalize a legal contract.

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Benefits of Mediation

  • The process is considered “without prejudice.” This means that what is discussed in mediation cannot be used against someone as evidence in court.
  • The process is confidential. Mediation does not occur in a public space like the courtroom but is within the privacy of a boardroom.
  • It is informal, less costly, and oftentimes, less stressful than litigation or arbitration.
  • Mediation helps build up communication skills, including co-parenting skills, after a breakdown in a relationship.
  • Mediation allows for creative problem-solving. The optimal solution for both parties may not be the result you could expect in a courtroom.
  • If a dispute does go to trial, Mediation fulfills the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process required before parties can book a trial date.

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